Alter S. Reiss (dhole) wrote,
Alter S. Reiss

An anecdote that I may have already told.

So, a few years back, I was digging at Tel es-Safi.

I was digging up in Area F, where we were getting through the crusader levels associated with Blanche Garde, the fortress that was just up the hill from us; the square I was digging in actually had a bit of the outer walls of Blanche Garde in it, which was nice. Anyhow, there had been a few mass graves just outside that wall in other squares, and sometimes bones wind up in the pottery buckets; it's unavoidable, given how many small, very dirty things we dig up.

So, during pottery reading, a bone came up from one of those squares. I looked at it, and started humming something. Now, I'm Jewish, but everyone else who was looking at that pottery was some flavor of Christian, but nobody else recognized the tune. They looked at me, somewhat puzzled.

"And did those feet," I sang, "in ancient time, walk upon England's mountains green?"

"Well," said Jeff, who was the area supervisor, "it is a toe, and it's a crusader. So, maybe."

I realize that it's not that great an anecdote, but I'm just . . . I mean, how often do you get a chance to ask that question in a context where it's close to being the actual scientific question that a piece of physical evidence invites?
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