Alter S. Reiss (dhole) wrote,
Alter S. Reiss

Nine Things about Oracles.

Inspired by a post inspired by a pendant.

1. No credit.
2. No refunds.
3. If you don't want blood on you, don't lean in too close during the sacrifice.
4. The customer isn't always right.
5. You get the answer to the question you ask, not the question you meant to ask.
6. No refunds.
7. If you have another question, go to the back of the line, and wait your turn.
8. There are times that there is a tear in the smoke, and the chanting and the twisting matted hair, and we catch just the faintest glimpse, just the barest shadow of the messenger's wing, the aroma of the cookfire of eternity, and we perceive the edge of what meaning there is in our lives, the place of men in this vast and harmonious universe.
9. No refunds !!!
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